Whats up out there comic book fans! Sorry, late again this week. I kinda spaced it this time. The store has been busy and honestly, I had difficulty choosing what book to review this week. But, on the bottom shelf, with only one issue left, I found it. A Carnage book and also a #1. This book didn’t start strong with me, almost to the point of not finishing it, but it ended so strongly and had such a great build up, that I will be reading this entire series going forward. Lets talk about that in the review.

Cult of Carnage is a continuation of the Carnage U.S.A. mini-series. It follows special agent Misty Knight searching for her missing partner in the town of Dover, Colorado. She quickly finds him there, but he’s “naked and afraid.” Our naked friend, goes on to explain the events that transpired two days earlier that left him in this state, and this is where the story takes an awesome turn. The symbiote Carnage has now become a religion; and it’s main tenant is ripping out the spine of every man, woman, child, and animals?! Also Knull the symbiote god is coming, but didn’t he already show up in Venom #3?




Like I said in the start of this review, this book started just a bit slow. It didn’t seem like it was going anywhere and there wasn’t even any action till the last quarter of the book. But, when the turn comes, instead of a “Superhero/Super Villian” book we got a supernatural thriller/mystery. Needless to say its got me hooked. I feel like this is what has been missing from Marvel lately. Comic books, and specifically superheroes, have been around for a loooooong time. Everyone has fought everyone more than once and I think we might be getting to the point that it’s getting a little played out. But, this book has taken a slight turn from the physical and gotten more psychological. For now. Carnage is the best villian to use for a mystery/thriller book. He’s a bonafide, homicidal maniac. I’m concerned by who the author has chosen as our “detectives” in this, but we’ll see how things play out. I’m hoping they don’t jump back into the normal MARVEL thing and the Avengers or Spiderman have to come and save the day. Just a small gripe in this book. The art looks a little bland with everything other than scenes involving Carnage. Maybe that is what the artist was going for, but in the beginning of the book, it didn’t help with my early feelings.




Overall, I truly enjoyed ‘Cult of Carnage’. I hope this is the direction that MARVEL starts going. It’s nice to have some fist on face superhero action from time to time, but “Cult of Carnage” is the type of book where a reader can place themselves in the story. You get the chance to be apart of the mystery, and solve it along with our heroes. It started slow, and I almost gave up on it, but it ended up becoming one of the series I’m looking forward to reading every month. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too. Stop by your local comic book shop and check this one out. Or check out all the new books that came out this week. Support Local Comics! Peace.