What’s up out there comic book fans. This is Aaron from Game Over again! I took a week off last week due to some technical difficulties with the website. We’re back now though with the newest book from Image ‘Thumbs #1’. I didn’t really read about this one to much when we ordered it for the shop, so I got the opportunity to read this one totally blind. I had some mixed feelings about it, but we will talk about that in the review. Ready? Go!



The story of ‘Thumbs’ is a little grey as of this issue. What has been revealed is the Earth (maybe) is being ruled by an oppressive government that controls the distribution and use of technology. On the other side is a anti-government group lead by a mysterious benefactor that believes that everyone should use technology or no one. Interestingly this group recruits it’s membership exclusively from video games. Young people who do well in a select group of games, are secretly contacted and sent to hidden training camps. The main characters code name is “Thumbs”, and the story begins with him near death. A complication on a mission leads him to be gravely injured. His friend Nia, desperately begs and pleads from the higher ups to save his life  but they say the can’t with their current available technology. So they opt to place him in a chemically induced coma until they can fix him. I won’t spoil what happens next, but I’m sure you can guess.



I will start off by saying I like the story and direction of this series. It came off a little complicated, but I’m sure it will be cleared up in future issues. Recruiting children via video games is already happening a little right now so it’s not that far fetched of an idea. The art let itself to the style of story being told so it passes in my book, even though it had moments where I couldn’t really understand what was going on. I have only one gripe with this story; it seems too similar to ‘Ready Player One’. If you read this book I promise you will make that connection almost immediately. Virtual Reality. The trailer park scene. Even the style. Don’t get me wrong, that was a great book/movie, but it just seemed too similar. ‘Thumbs’ has things that sets it apart, so I can overlook it, it’s just initially I thought this was gonna be a side story set in that world.



Overall ‘Thumbs’ looks to be a great series in the future. It certainly feels like it would make a great cyberpunk movie. It needs a little work, as far as art goes, to tell the story a little clearer. Also to set itself apart from the ‘Ready Player One’ universe. I look forward to this series going forward and will be reading it myself for a while. If this book interests you, stop by your local comic book shop and pick up a copy or check out the other cool books that came out this week. And as always, SUPPORT LOCAL COMICS! Peace!