How’s it going comic book fans! It’s Aaron again with another comic book review. This week we are taking a look at a new title from BOOM! Studios, ‘The Red Mother’. I can’t say I was excited to get into this book when I picked it up off the shelf, and it seems my feelings were not unfounded. Let’s talk about it in the review. Ready? Go!

‘The Red Mother’ follows the life of our main character, Daisy. While on a date with her boyfriend, an incident occurs that changes her life forever. She loses an eye, her boyfriend gets sucked into the darkness, and her vision goes red at random times. She finds herself turning to pills and therapy to get through the days following the incident. That is until her vision turns red again and shes something that shouldn’t be there. There you go, the entire book. Couldn’t avoid spoilers on this one. Sorry guys.

“So, how did this make me feel?” Honestly, nothing. ‘Red Mother #1’ was a setup book. There were some significant things that happened, such as; Daisy losing her eye and her boyfriend disappearing. But, other than that it was rather boring. We didn’t get any insight into what losing her eye has to do with the story, or why her vision goes red. I guess, you could say we were left with more questions than answers. There’s nothing wrong with this mind you. Its just that when you spend an entire issue setting up the story, if it isn’t mind blowing, have a huge twist, or iconic moment; a new reader won’t be interested in continuing the series. Unfortunately, we live in a time when people are looking for the most “bang for their buck”. With this title your getting maybe a “pop”. It also doesn’t help that the art isn’t very “eye popping” (lol). It isn’t bad, but it didn’t capture my attention. The moments when it shows the monsters though are great, so maybe there’s hope in the future.

Needless to say, I wasn’t very impressed with this title. No fault of the book though. Personally I just need more when it comes to a first issue. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough in here to get me to continue the series, but it might work out for some of the readers our there. As I said, this issue was purely the setup for the future of the series. Overall the art is fine, much better when it reveals the “things that don’t belong”, but those moments are few. If you are interested in this title, or any of the titles that came out this week, stop by you local comic shop and check them out. This has been Aaron, from Game Over Comics in Lahaina. Peace!