What’s up out there comic book fans? This is Aaron again with another comic book review. Our book under the microscope this week is ‘The Clock’ from IMAGE comics. This book is about a worldwide pandemic. What’s ironic about this, is I was just watching a documentary on NETFLIX last night about this very topic. Even more ironic-er (LOL!), if you’ve been paying attention to the news, the world is worried about a new virus that may become a pandemic; if left to its own devices. Scary stuff to be sure, but maybe reading this comic and watching that documentary may ease your mind a bit. Let’s talk about it in the review. Ready? Go!

‘The Clock’ follows the life of our main character Jack, a scientist researching a deadly pandemic that has crippled the globe. He has been traveling to small communities around the world that have been unaffected by the virus. Unfortunately disaster strikes his family while he’s away, and his wife passes away from the very virus Jack seeks to cure. To be expected Jack is distraught, but attempts to soldier on with his work, but at this point he’s fighting a losing battle. A chance encounter leaves him with a mystery to solve and “the clock” has started ticking.

Immediately after reading this book, my first thought was “meh”. After letting it stew for a bit, as I collected my thoughts, I’m beginning to feel more hopeful about this title. I guess I had time to consider the current state of the world and how this book, truly fits the times. Because of that, the story gained much more meaning to me. I’m just a guy sitting at his computer reviewing comic books. If a real pandemic was to break out, I’m not gonna be much help. It’s scary to think about the loss of life and your loved ones, when you can’t even see what’s killing them. The art in this one has it’s moments. There’s a section of the book where we get some action sequences and those are done very well. But the majority of the book is business as usual. Not bad, but not great.

This title has grown on me a bit. As I said, I wasn’t impressed while reading, but while writing this review I’ve become much more interested in what’s going to happen next. My only worry is that there isn’t going to be much action going forward. I like a good mystery, and this book has got some suspense, but you have to throw a little bit of physical danger in to keep our eyeballs happy. If you’re interested in this title or any of the other books that came out this week, stop by you local comic shop and check them out. This has been Aaron, from Game Over Comics, and I’ll talk to you guys next week. Peace!