Well here we go again. Back to the comic book review grind. This week we are reviewing a renewed series from ‘image’ Comics called ‘Section Zero’. This one left me feeling sort of “meh”, but we’ll talk about that in the review.



Lets start with the synopsis. ‘Section Zero’ is a series following the adventures of a super secret organization of the same name. Their mission is to investigate all supernatural or unexplained phenomena that appear around the world. The book starts off with a rancher in Australia reporting his livestock are being attacked or eaten. He and a friend try to investigate, but are attacked by what appears to be a giant cat. Problem is their aren’t any big cats in Australia and all the ones in the zoos are accounted for. Unfortunately, from there the book jumps to Cambodia abruptly and we are introduced to a few members of ‘Section Zero’ following a lead on a strange bug sighting. I won’t go farther than that due to spoilers, but you get the drift.



Alright time to explain my feelings. Honestly, after reading, I came away from this one with a ‘been there, done that’ type of feeling. It’s really not the books fault. It told a generic story, in a generic way. It didn’t do anything good or anything bad. But, that’s the problem. It didn’t even try to impress us. There is no twist, there are no spectacular characters, there isn’t even any unique tech. Just a basic group of people investigating events you see talked about on the History Channel. ‘Image’ has a reputation of putting out unique stories, not bound by the confines of a long and complicated continuum. What better place to try out strange and outlandish ideas that push the envelope and spark the imagination of the readership. In fact the very subject matter is about strange and unexplained phenomena and they couldn’t make it seem interesting. ‘Section Zero’ seems like the powers that be let one slip through the cracks. This makes me wonder what books were beat out to publish this one. Don’t get me wrong, the art is pretty good. It works in tandem with the dialogue to tell a fluid story. But, even with that, the artist didn’t take that much risk. The action scenes seem static and lifeless. The character designs are basic, especially when the had the chance to go to extreme with the “bug”. I could go on and on, but I’m just beating a dead horse. You let me down this time ‘image’.




Overall, I was left with “zero” good feelings about ‘Section Zero’ (see what I did there?). I’m sure some people will walk away and be content with this one. As you should, it didn’t fail in its ability to tell a “story”. But, maybe it’s because I’m doing this review thing that I’ve gained an “refined” pallet in regards to comics. Or maybe it’s reading to many of them? I don’t know. I’m gonna need another week to wash away the boredom I felt with ‘Section Zero’. Let me know how you guys felt about it. Peace.