What’s up comic fans out there! This is Aaron from the Game Over Comics. I decided to review a lighter book this week because I need a small break. The past two weeks I had to read entire series to get to the most recent book, so this time it’s the very first issue (sort of). M #1, is a new comic book series (maybe?), created by the Mahaloha Family. I’ll post a pic of the comic book credits on this review. I have only met Dwayne A. Acoba, at last years Maui Comic Con, but look forward to meeting the rest of the crew. In short, this was a quick and light hearted story more akin to a teaser of the character, rather than the beginning of a long story arc. The art was unique as well, but we’ll talk about that in the review. Ready? Go!




There isn’t a lot to say about the story in this one, since it was rather short. We see the hero M, punishing a few bullies without throwing a single punch. I think that’s the coolest thing about this character! If the creators decide to continue with the series, you could go a long way setting up M as being a hero who doesn’t like violence and bait fans for awhile in hopes that he may one day have to fight. It also lends to the fact that we don’t know if M has any abilities. Another avenue to travel on with a continuously growing character. Just my thoughts on the future. I look forward to where things go from here.




I have much more to say about the art. First off, I enjoyed the style a lot. It reminds me of my youth. Many of the old skate boarding brands were using character designs similar to these ones, and reading about Dwayne’s experiences, I can see the influence. The graffiti art style also is very unique. I can’t think of a single book off the top of my head that’s even close (maybe some of Skottie Young’s art). I hope they continue with this style in future issues. My only critique would be about M’s character design. I’m only referring to his design inside the book. The art of him on the white cover is amazing. I would want to see that version of him going forward. Now I know the cover from Maui Con is different from the one we bought at Amazing Con, so maybe the creators are already way ahead of me. I’ll attach pictures so you can decide as well.




Overall, due to this book being rather short, I can’t give as much info as I usually do in these reviews. But, that shouldn’t scare you off. This is the first comic creation of artist Dwayne Acoba, and a character that has the ability for true growth. Let’s see where things go from here. Stop by Game Over Comics to pick up a copy of this book and as always; SUPPORT LOCAL COMICS!