Well the time has come. The inspiration to this local comic book review series is getting his chance in the spotlight. Now I have read one of Todd Bernardy’s previous works in ‘Disco Thunder Groove Bone’, so I’ve gotten a taste of his art and writing style. Coming into this book I made sure to read all nine of the previous issues to make sure I could give a review with the full story and art changes in mind. I will say it here and now, I was overwhelmed. Let’s talk about it in the review.


I will start by giving a short synopsis of this series leading up to this issue. Kukui project is a science fiction series that follows a possible future reality where Hawaii has re-established itself as a kingdom again. Most of the rest of the world has been conducting arms races throughout the solar system. An ordinance defusing team from Hawai is going around and defusing what weapons they come across. Throughout the story we are introduced to a criminal mastermind hell bent on punishing the human race for their crimes against him and the earth. In this issue we follow the protagonist and his friends attempting to stop this villains plans from coming to fruition. The book ends right before the good part, so we gotta wait and see what happens. My favorite part of this book is all the cool facts. I learned so much, that I had to take a bunch of breaks to process the information. I hope more creators continue with this and make their books not only a tool for entertainment, but for education as well. But…



This review is difficult to write because I enjoy many of the things in this book. But, I’m not everyone, and to write an honest review makes this book a hard sell. To put it simply; there is a lot of information to absorb in this book. On every page of every issue, including this one, you are bombarded with information. I would liken it to reading a history text book and comic books baby. It looks pretty but talks to much. The information spread throughout the book are facts from Hawaii’s complicated history. Some that you’ve probably never heard before. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed everything I learned, but the issue is, I spent so much time reading all the information I didn’t even pay attention to what was happening in the panels. In addition to this, the dialogue of the story is extremely complicated. You better have paid attention in science class or got your phone ready to understand some of the jargon in this book. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t pick this book up if you have a short attention span or less than stellar IQ. If you want an easy to read story where you don’t have to go back and re-read speech bubbles, this book is not for you. I’m not saying the story sucks or anything, I’m just saying be prepared to put in some work while reading.



Overall Kukui Project #10 and the entire series is definetly a complicated beast to deal with. The story itself is pretty good, though at times gets a little confusing. In this issue the art also got a face lift, so it helped to spotlight a lot of the panels. Like I said before, make sure you don’t take this book lightly. I promise it will find a way to devour you, You can definetly say that Todd Bernardy is an original. His art and story telling style are entirely his own. I look forward to his future projects and would like to thank him again for inspiring this review series. Come pick up a copy of the Kukui Project here at the shop. Also keep supporting local comics. Peace.