What’s up out there comic book fans? Aaron here with another weekly comic book review. This week on the docket is a new IMAGE title called ‘Heart Attack’. I didn’t know what to expect with this title, but ended pleasantly surprised. It has a cliche premise and some really bad millennial dialogue, but it was a fun book with a promising future. Lets talk about it in the review. Ready? Go!

The story of ‘Heart Attack’ is basically the same as the story of the ‘X-men’. Instead of “mutants” they are called “variants”. The city the book takes place in, is in a state of unrest due to anti-variant sentiments shared by the majority of the population. A law enforcement unit calling themselves the “AVU” is harassing or kidnapping any variants they come in contact with. A young man named Charlie North, was a witness to one of these kidnappings and shared the video with a pro-variant movement. This leads to Charlie being caught up in a string of events that will lead to a big change in his current world, as well as realizing a power he didn’t know he had.

If I close a part of my memories and forget about the ‘X-men’, this book would be pretty amazing. But, unfortunately the ‘X-men’ has been around so long and done so much, that any story involving genetically modified humans will always lead you back to the original “mutant” team. But, I will attempt to look at this book objectively and act like the ‘X-men’ don’t exist. The story in this book is actually very good. It touches on a subject that we may face in the next 100 years. Genetically modified humans are something that today’s scientist are already working hard to achieve. This could lead to future generations developing some interesting mutations in the future. I won’t get into a lengthy debate about what is right or wrong, but we do have to consider the consequences, if there are any. I also like the cast of characters in the book as well. The main character is, at this point, a weak willed and cowardly character which leaves tons of room for him to grow. By the end of the book he joins forces with a strong willed, but flawed, female character. Instead of creating a hierarchy between them, the book has made it so they genuinely need each other to get through their “problems”. The art fits the story well. It’s set in an urban future setting, so the contrast between darkness and neon sets the mood really well. So, what negatives do we have. Not much. If I had a big one, I would say that the dialogue kinda sucks. It definitely represents the current “millennial” slang of today, but that doesn’t connect with me at all. To each his own though. Comic books aren’t written with the “old” in mind.

I enjoyed ‘Heart Attack #1’ a lot. It has a cliche premise, but it does a good job of setting itself apart. The story is good, the characters are unique, the art fits the style well. You can’t go wrong. I’ll probably continue with book and see how things end. If you’re interested in this title or any of the other titles that came out this week, stop by your local comic shop and check them out. SUPPORT LOCAL COMICS! Peace.