What’s up everyone! We are just a couple days away from free comic book day, so things have been a little hectic at Game Over Comics. I found sometime to write a short review though, and lucky me, the book I chose was a short one. This week I’m reviewing Gogor (GAW-GOR) #1. This is a new Image Comics title by Ken Garing, that has been 20 years in the making. He writes, draws, colors, and does the lettering for the entire issue, so it’s safe to say, this is exactly how he wanted ‘Gorgor’ to be. Let’s see how things turned out. Ready? Go!



Gorgor takes place on a planet, whose occupants live on a bunch of floating islands. Our hero Armano, is a scholar living on the island called Academea. One day his island suddenly gets attacked by a group called “The Domus”. The Domus attempt to round up all the scholars, but Armano escapes with a scroll, holding the instructions to save the world. I won’t say much more due to spoilers (been upset about spoilers lately), but the story is rather fast paced, which only enhances the feeling that it’s short.



Overall, I enjoyed this book. Right off the bat I felt I would hate it. The art wasn’t eye popping and when I quickly skimmed it, I didn’t see any moment that stood out to me. But, when I read it, I could feel myself gradually being pulled into the story. As of right now the story seems very light hearted. Even when the hero was being chased by his “enemies”, no one was hurt to badly, even though it seems they were trying to. I expect things to be much the same in feature issues. There was one moment that I found a little strange. During Armano’s escape, he stops to eat and builds a fire. Out of the forest comes a hooded figure and he asks to sit by the fire. Without any suspicion at all, Armano begins to blab about where he’s from and his mission to a complete stranger. It seems that he completely forgot he’s on the run and in possession of an item of great value. To make things worse, he hands over the world saving scroll to this stranger without a second thought. Either our hero is stupid, or this was an oversight by the author. Just didn’t seem too realistic to me when I read it. Another concern, and it’s more of a worry, is that they revealed Gorgor in this book. I’m guessing they don’t expect this to be a long running series so they are trying to get things going quickly. My worry is what do they do now? They just revealed a huge “thing” in the story, so what is the direction the book plans to take? Usually you don’t reveal your secret weapon till the last moment, if you get what I mean.



Gorgor #1 was a book that snuck up on me. I didn’t have high hopes, but my hopes have gone up a little bit since reading. If you’re looking for a light hearted, straightforward story then this is the one for you. My only concern is that they might be moving just a little too fast, which will leave the ending lacking some “meat”. But, you never know. As I said earlier, this story has been worked on for 20 years, the author knows what he’s doing. If you want to check out this book or other books that came out this week, stop by Game Over Comics. As always, support local comics! Peace!