I know. I know. I’m late on the review this week. Things have been busy here at the shop, and I haven’t found a chance to sit down and breathe. This will be the final local comic review at least for a little while. I want to preface this entire review by admitting I am completely, and unashamed to admit, biased to this book for a number of reasons. The main reason is I am the biggest fan of the “sword and sorcery” genre. My favorite book growing up? The Hobbit. My favorite movie? Conan the Barbarian. Suffice to say it will be difficult to give an objective opinion about this one, but I’ll try. This week the book is Exillion #1-4. I did not have single issues of this one, but I’m going to definetly pick some up next time I get a chance. It didn’t matter anyway because I couldn’t put the book down after I started reading (promise I tried). But let’s talk about that in the review.



Exillion is the brainchild of creator/artist DJ Keawekane. We got to meet DJ at last years Maui Con, and hope he make a reappearance at this years event. The story chronicles the lives of key figures and constant warfare within the world of Exillion. For the most part it follows the adventures of a group tracking down a demon called the Necrosaur. At the same time two other criminals have escaped from prison and are reeking havoc on the human race. It’s hard to give a detailed synopsis because there are multiple things going on all at the same time. To put it simply, the story telling style is a mash-up of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. As of right now we are not sure who the main character is (Ambrose maybe), because their are multiple, and we are following the events of multiple groups and kingdoms. This is were things get closer to the Game of Thrones vibe. I’m sure characters that we’re focused on now will be meeting their end sometime soon and all the readers feelings will be different depending on who it is.



Honestly, and with all due respect to all the other books I reviewed in this series, this one is by far the most complete. The story is both grand and imaginative. The author has created an entire world, plus the history of that world, plus the races in that world, and their own history. It is an enormous undertaking to take on at the same time you are illustrating the book as well. Kudos to DJ for going outside the confines of Hawaii as well. It’s difficult to be a “local” comic book creator, promoting a book that has nothing to do with where you’re from. Also the art shows steady improvement from one issue to the next (it was already good in issue #1). The quality of this series is equal if not greater than some I have read coming out of ‘Image Comics’ recently, and I would suggest DJ call them up and show your work (if you haven’t already). If I had one complaint, it would be that there are some spelling and grammatical issues in some spots, but that’s a very minor and fixable issue.

Overall I suggest this series to anyone interested in comics. It has everything you want in a book. A huge world, huge characters, magic, swords, violence, a little bit of romance (sort of), and great action sequences. I took the time to read this series twice and I was more impressed the second time around. What more can I say, I’m biased.

Thank you to all the creators that have been apart of this local comic review series. I hope I wasn’t to harsh with some of you. If I ever get around to writing a book, I’ll ask all the other creators to review it for me. It’s only fair. But, if you wanna get to me before then you know where to find me. At Game Over Comics of course, in Lahaina, Maui. Support local comics. Peace!