What’s up out there comic book fans. This is Aaron with another comic book review. This week we got Excellence #1! This is a new Image book by writer Brandon Thomas and artist Khary Randolph. I’m having a hard time gathering my thoughts about this book. But maybe through writing this review, things might become clearer. Ready? Go!



‘Excellence’ follows the life story of Spencer Raymond Dales. It begins with his birth and upbringing by an overbearing father who expects the world from his son. To make matters worse, Spencer is the descendant of a long line of prideful mages. Their job is to protect and guide the lives of their “charge”, without being seen by them or any bystanders. Charges are chosen once a mage completes his training, and passes a difficult assessment. There is a bit more to the story, but I want to avoid spoilers.



Okay, so things haven’t really improved since I began this review. This story is confusing. It’s not that I couldn’t understand the story. It just took a couple of read throughs and constant going back to previous panels and pages to get what’s going on. This doesn’t mean that the story is bad, it’s just with the difficulty of truly understanding what’s happening, this wasn’t a smooth ride. Another issue, is this particular book went to great lengths to show that the main character had issues with his father. But, it was cleanly sorted out by the end of the book. I feel like the writer lost out on a good plot device, but maybe they have other plans. When I read the writer’s letter at the end of the book he even intimated that he didn’t have everything he needed to write the book. Well sorry bro, it showed. The art in this one is well done, and fits the “genre” of the book perfectly. I had to laugh though because the main character and his mentor look exactly like Michael B. Jordan from creed and the other from Black Panther. Go check it out and you’ll see it too.



The “idea” of ‘Excellence’ is a really good one. To me though, it just wasn’t executed as clean as it could have been. If the writer had just broke this book down into smaller parts, I think it would have been better. This doesn’t take away though from the potential of where this story could go. I see a movie or Netflix series in its future, even if the book doesn’t pan out that well. We’ll see if things improve in the coming issues. That’s all for today guys. Thanks for reading, and as always, support local comics. Peace.