What’s up out there comic book fans? This is Aaron, from Game Over Comics, Lahaina’s only comic book shop! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. It’s 2020, and the future is now! I’m sure that’s been said every decade since people started counting. Who knows what’s in store for us this year, but I can guarantee one thing; I’ll have reviews to write and complaints to make. Our first review of the year will be ‘Daphne Byrne #1’, from DC comics. This title is being run out of the ‘Hill House Comics’ line, which concentrates on dark and horror themed stories. Never been a big fan of horror, but I tried to read this book with an open mind. How was it? Let’s talk about it in the review. READY? GO!

Daphne Byrne #1 follows the life of the titular character, growing up in Victorian era New York. Her father has passed away recently, which has cause many problems for herself and her family. To make matters worse, she can’t find solace in her friends because Daphne has always been found “abnormal” among her peers. To deal with her grief, Daphne’s mother visits a medium and believes that she has made contact with his ghost. When Daphne goes to see the medium, she decides to test them and proves her to be false. Upon returning home that night Daphne has a lucid dream, that proves to be more than a dream.

I don’t have to much to say about this title. The story itself wasn’t particularly unique. It had all your basic ghost story cliches in it. The best way to describe my feelings is, “I have more questions than answers.” Like, how did her father die? Why exactly doesn’t she have a single friend? Who’s the homeless zombie? As far as art goes, it’s a mixed bag. At times it fits the narrative well. Especially when doing close ups on faces and any scenes involving dark shadows. But, in the more mundane moments, the art is just that. Maybe that’s the artists intent. Regular life is boring, and life with ghosts and monsters is fun. I can get behind that.

This book was a strange one. Literally and figuratively. I know I read something, but I’m finding it hard to remember if I did. Sometimes this happens to me when I write these reviews. I could feel one way about a book, but while writing and organizing my thoughts my feelings go in another direction. The book was by no means bad. It just was forgettable. This is bound to happen with the multitudes of stuff they’re releasing nowadays. If you’re into horror and the occult, this book will probably appeal to you, but I don’t think it does enough to get you coming back for more. Too bad though. The times with the art gets dark and gritty are beautiful to look at. The story just doesn’t excite me enough to keep reading. If you wanna check out this book or the other books that came out this week, stop by Lahaina’s only comic book shop GAME OVER COMICS. This has been Aaron, and we’ll see you guys at the shop. Peace!