What’s up out there comic book fans? This is Aaron, from Game Over Comics, coming back from a brief hiatus with another comic book review. Up on the docket this week is Berserker Unbound #1. I gravitated to this book while making the order a couple months ago, and how couldn’t you? It’s got Lemire and Deodato Jr. on it! Things weren’t all good with this book though and I’ll touch on that little tidbit in the review. READY? GO!



Let’s get the obvious out of the way. This isn’t ‘Conan the Barbarian’, but its pretty darn close. All your basic barbarian tropes are there. Violence, snow, violence, blood, violence, and pink glowy glyphs.You’re gonna have to read the book to figure out that last one. ‘Berserker Unbound’, follows the life of an un-named barbarian warrior (a ton of nicknames though). He is returning to his village after a year fighting battles in a foreign land. Upon his return home he is met with a rather cliche surprise and his next adventure begins. That’s it. That’s all I can say without spoilers. And here ladies and gentlemen is my bone to pick with this book. It was predictable. Beginning to end, predictable. Even the twist. Saw it coming. Should have known with the cover. What this tells me is one of two things. Firstly, we have done every type of barbarian story possible and we can’t come up with anything else. Or, the writer didn’t care, and just wants to add another genre to his bibliography. Don’t get me wrong, the story is well written and the art is great, I didn’t feel bored reading it, and it flowed well. It just didn’t surprise me. It didn’t set itself apart. Maybe something will happen in the following issues, but right now, my desire to read the next one is depleted. It sucks because I love barbarian characters. My D&D character is a barbarian. I’m left very meh.



Overall, I was left wanting with this book. The aesthetics were great. The story flows. But, it just doesn’t inspire me to continue reading. It may get by on star power, but for me, I need a book that comes out of left field, if you catch my drift. I’m sure there will be many fans of this book due to the art alone and that great, but don’t expect to see something you haven’t. Check out the other titles that came out at your LCS and as always, Suppot Local Comics. Peace!